Carbon Count Company Update – April/May 2022

Philip Mulvey

May 13, 2022

Written by Philip Mulvey, Carbon Count Founder and CEO

What a start to Q2 it has been! Throughout the month of April the team has been productive on all fronts. I myself have come back from a one month business development trip across the US, and am excited to see the global market ramping up.

One of the highlights of my trip was participating at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco, where carbon offsetting and green carbon projects were being discussed by exhibitors, presenters and attendees with much eagerness.  

On the topic of events; our award nomination for Greatest Innovator in Energy/Climate Tech in the Carbon Management category of the Energy Challengers 2022 competition brought us to Warsaw, Poland where we made fantastic connections with key players in the European energy and climate sector. 

It’s great to see increased awareness of carbon sequestration practices and the need for high–quality offset creation. We are looking forward to regulated soil carbon methodologies launching in northern Europe soon. 

Achieving Net Zero 2050 can only be done through cross collaboration of all industries and a whole lot of global knowledge sharing. We are excited at the prospect of sharing our knowledge and technology with more markets as we grow, and to be of aid in developing high integrity methodologies that assure that 1 carbon credit created truly is 1 metric tonne of carbon dioxide removed long–term from the atmosphere.

Our product team, together with the soil sampling team at Environmental Earth Sciences, have been busy testing the samplers App; our brand new tool that simplifies the cumbersome process of soil sampling for sampling teams. It will be available in V2 of the Carbon Count platform shortly. The team is also busy continuing to build our project viability assessment tool, due to go live mid June. Work on our next major release to launch a collaboration platform for all stakeholders of a carbon project has also been kicked off.

In other news we are getting ready for the Carbon Farming Conference 2022 in Albury, NSW, FarmFest in Toowoomba, QLD, the NSW Farm Writers Association Lunch on Carbon Farming, our presentation on Policy and Investment in Regenerative Agriculture at an online conference of Harvard Kennedy School and have just concluded a presentation at the National Soil Advocates 2022 Forum. If you’re in either Albury or Toowoomba for the Carbon Farming Conference or FarmFest, why not pop in and swing by our booths, we'll be chatting about carbon farming, soil health and will be showcasing the power of our platform and fresh new features.

Lastly we’re now halfway through our Series B funding round and are seeing great interest, which is very exciting for the whole team. We have big plans!

Till’ next month,


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