Carbon Count Company Update – July/August 2022

Philip Mulvey

August 17, 2022

Written by Philip Mulvey, Carbon Count Founder and CEO

After months of hard work by our engineering team, I’m excited to announce that our Full Viability Assessment tool is now live and available in the Carbon Count Platform

The Full Viability Assessment tool provides guided support and automation for the highly manual, time–consuming and costly task of assessing a soil carbon project’s full potential. This tool supports users in developing the project definition through to its carbon estimation areas and exclusions and generates cost estimates to support the decision on whether or not to proceed with carbon projects. 

Upon completion, the tool creates a 10–12 page report that enables carbon project consultants, developers and landholders to dive deeper into their project and analyse costs, explore potential yield, eligible areas, exclusion zones, suitable newness factors and more.  Oh, and you can customise the reports to suit your needs too. Furthermore, this report contains the level of detail that is required for project registration by the Clean Energy Regulator.

Sign up here to start exploring our platform, get a free, bespoke estimate with our Carbon Potential Estimator and commence your Full Viability Assessment today.

In other news the team has been celebrating the one year anniversary of our publication Ground Breaking: Soil Security and Climate Change. We're immensely proud to see how far the piece has reached in just 12 months, and are grateful for the all–important increased light it manages to cast on the critical relationship between soil health and mitigating climate change. I invite you to head to our website to learn more and grab a copy!


Till’ next month!




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