Frequently Asked Question

What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming is a land management approach that promotes the sequestration of carbon in soils and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Sequestration of soil organic carbon (SOC) is a process that involves the net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere by plants and micro-organisms and its storage in vegetative biomass and in soil.

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How Does Measuring Soil Carbon Improve My Farm?

What you measure is what you achieve, as increased soil organic carbon results in increased profit. Measuring soil organic carbon and implementing land management practices that increase soil organic carbon will not only enable you to partake in carbon farming schemes where you create an additional income stream for your family, but will also improve ecology and farm productivity.

What are the benefits of increasing soil carbon?

Soil carbon management has a direct effect on the profitability of the farm. Increase in soil carbon is strongly associated with increased profit.Management methods that increase soil carbon also promote rainfall infiltration, nutrient storage, increased biological activity and reduced evaporation.