Meet The Team
Philip Mulvey
Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc.Agr. (Soil Science) & M.App.Sc. (Hydrogeology)
Philip Mulvey is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur, and has always been a free thinker.

He has built army bases in East Timor, supervised the erection of the largest tent in the UK, sold Aussie meat pies in the USA, cleaned up two uranium mines, developed townhouses on landfills, rewritten the manual on oil palm development in PASS in Sumatra, evaluated rehabilitation of the desert in Kuwait, participated in the first green city design in the world, evaluated degraded land in Monaro and has represented Australia in sailing.

Phil is a specialist in soil and water chemistry, with over 25 years experience in soil sciences, hydrogeology, water resource assessment, contamination studies, geological mapping and aquifer modeling.

He currently has businesses in environmental soil science, whole-of-farm management, bioremediation, civil earthworks and property development. Through these avenues he has trained numerous scientists in the art of commercial scientific problem-solving.
Phil's critically acclaimed book Ground Breaking is a culmination of his lifelong pursuit to provide practical solutions for agricultural management, enabling the restoration of landscape, climate and community.

Phil focuses on practical real world solutions to some of the largest problems facing humanity today, including land use management, soil carbon sequestration, bare ground reduction and bush corridor restoration.

He is a father of 4 and a grandfather of 6. After over 35 years as a practicing soil scientist, he remains passionate about the subject, particularly with regards to landscape repair.
Terry Gould
Head of Sales and Business Development

B.Agr (Agronomy)
Terry brings a unique skill set to Carbon Count, with a background in agricultural consulting, a career as an agronomist for 6 years and extensive experience in team leadership and customer services over the past 9 years.

Terry’s role in the agricultural industry has given him a broad experience across a wide range of agricultural and horticultural systems. He’s worked in intensive farming enterprises from mixed cropping and livestock farms to highland pasture and grazing country.

He is experienced in irrigation farming systems, broad acre and dry land agriculture. Terry's family comes from an extensive history of generational farming, which gives him the added strength of key personal insight into the world of agriculture.

He strongly believes that the Carbon Farming Initiative has the potential to make a real change in terms of addressing climate change around the world, and being part of the Carbon Count team developing regenerative agricultural management practices to ensure Australian farmland is sustainable and productive for generations to come.
Cora Poniwerski
Head of Marketing and Communications

B.Sc (Management & Marketing) & MA (Environment, Politics & Globalisation)
Cora is a strategic and creative end-to-end marketing professional with 10+ years experience supporting high-growth technology organisations.

Having a strong background in demand generation and storytelling, she’s spent several years promoting New IT at Accenture and facilitating growth for successful tech startups in Sydney and Berlin.

With a masters degree in Environmental Politics from King’s College London, Cora is passionate about environmental sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change, and is committed to utilising her marketing skillset to help contribute to a more sustainable future for us all.
Justin Baird FRSA
Chief Technology Officer

B.Sc (Electrical & Computer Engineering) & MBA
Justin brings over 20 years of senior management and high-tech experience, in areas ranging from research and development, analog and digital engineering, embedded systems development, hardware and software product management, high speed digital networks, large scale signal processing systems, mobile and web application deployment, geospatial web applications and agile team management.  He holds two U.S. Patents, four pending U.S. Patents and has written a number of technical papers within these areas of research.

Justin is heavily involved in efforts to drive positive change through technology. He worked in partnership with the United Nations UNFCCC to create an online geospatial advocacy platform for the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit. While working at Google, he patented the technology to take Street View underwater with the aim to share the amazing underwater ecosystems on barrier reefs around the world to support their conservation.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), an international network of leaders committed to social development aimed at enriching society via ideas and actions.

Outside of work he has a strong passion for music, digital audio, musical computing, live sound and recording which has led to exciting work with artists such as Elton John and Barbra Streisand, the creation of collaborative online music platforms in partnership with the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and co-founding the Global Orchestra Education Foundation.
Ray Chang
Head of Engineering

B.Eng (Mechatronics)
Ray is a hands-on technical leader, systems architect and full–stack engineer with a background in Information Technology services and electronics industries.

Since earning a Bachelor of Engineering degree with the Queensland University of Technology, he has been on a relentless pursuit of technological innovation with technology startups, fortune 500 enterprises and public sector clients alike, solutioning and delivering projects as a chief technology officer, solution architect and full–stack engineer.

Formerly the technical lead at Accenture’s innovation and R&D arm across Australia and New Zealand (Liquid Studios), Ray is a specialist in delivering technical prototypes and rapidly iterating them to achieve robust production quality and scale.

He has built projects and teams across both public and private sectors, developing capabilities in sensor technologies, identity, security, cryptography, fintech, big data, media and more.

He is father of one very round baby girl and despite his adventures so far he continues to seek out new things to learn, faster iterations and innovative ways to improve lives using technology.
Reuben Coutinho
Lead Engineer

B.Eng. (IT) & M.I.T.
Reuben is a self-taught, driven and motivated software engineer with an extensive background in immersive experiences and web technology.

He is a technology enthusiast with a strong passion new tech, continuous innovation and, in particular, all things digital.

He brings over ten years of expertise to the Carbon Count Team and has worked on some very interesting projects within the IT space via different domains from finance through to entertainment.

In his spare time Reuben enjoys cooking, playing sport (in particular football ⚽, badminton 🏸 and cricket 🏏), learning new skills including musical instruments as well as languages, and keeping up with the Marvel and DC Universes.
Sing Le
Lead Engineer

B.E. (Mechatronics) (Hons) & B.Comp.Sc.
Bringing extensive experience from the tech innnovation space by having worked in rapid prototyping, test automation, tech architecture, operations and more, Sing is a hackathon enthusiast, apple lover and creator at heart.

His technical expertise combined with his deep understanding of business consulting which he's during his time at Accenture enables him to take a project from ideation all the way through to implementation and beyond.

Excited about the potential of the soil carbon market, Sing has joined Carbon Count to leverage his skills to make a real impact in this area.
Oscar Lau
Full–Stack Engineer

B.E. (Mechatronics) (Hons) & B.Sc.
Oscar has a background in Big Data and DevOps and is a passionate and motivated individual who loves learning cutting edge technologies that drive digital transformation.

He enjoys facing new challenges in his career and is hoping to utilise his skills and expertise in technology to solve real customer problems and drive business decisions.

Outside of work he has a strong passion for tennis and enjoys training and coaching players. In his spare time, he enjoys participating in social and Victorian state competitions, as well as Australian money ranking tournaments.